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About music by EatMe

No idea what to put here. Enjoy, while sharing the fun.
After 40 years of planning a good strategy for 4-in-a-row,
this all in order to share the good thing..

EatMe's music is free, you can broadcast and share it with your friends as-is for non-commercial use, read the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND for legal info.

Please mention "" with your share, so people know where to download EatMe's music.

For all links to EatMe see the links page.

EatMe's music is mainly hosted by and

Please donate! Your money will be invested in the free music by EatMe. And you can also apply for being a ladybug in your next lifetime. 

For remix inquiries, co-operations, usage permission and other things: contact EatMe

The music page contains MilkDrop visuals from the Geiss (code, port) / Flexi (many presets) / JBerg (port, code) / EatMe (code, web example, manual) / MilkDrop Butterchurn v2.6.7.1e-complete (GitHub).
Based on PC project MilkDrop by Geiss, web project Butterchurnviz by JBerg and contains an update in the v. with a manual and new functions.
You can right-click or push long on mobiles on the visuals for a full view experience.
Left click or tap shortly on the visuals to change the current visual presets.
Geiss/Flexi/JBerg/EatMe MilkDrop Butterchurn v2.6.7.1e-complete (GitHub) is released under a MIT license for Commercial, Private, Distribution and Modification usage,
with No Liability Granted and No Warranty Granted under the conditions of a License and Copyright notice.


To make music, EatMe uses the following gear: